• Your mind dreams, calculates and recalls. Right, wrong, yes and no comes from your heart

  • “This whole inherited idea called life is nothing more than a dream – but you believe it”



  • A snickers bar is worth more than a diamond when you stop believing the outside dream

Get to Know Me

As I wondered what to write on this page, it hit me (as it did in my book’s introduction) to look at my press release for some answers… This question and answer should give you a pretty good idea of what I am about and what I’ve written about in The Real Matrix.

What inspired you to write The Real Matrix?

I look around this world and I have a hard time standing by – idly – watching people suffer. People believe they are limited. They believe they were born to learn (other people’s knowledge in School), accept labels and limitations given to them by their teachers, parents, friends, enemies and popular magazines. They create a self-image that is so out of line with what they really are, that they need medication, alcohol and self-help books to experience happiness. People confuse the needs of the body with the needs of the mind and that leads to debt, obsessions, over eating, racing thoughts and depression. For example, when the body feels the need for food, we get hungry. We eat some food and the body is satisfied. However, the mind has its own agenda… MORE! The mind, based upon memes learned as children, has a point of view – it always needs more. People continue to eat long after they are full, because they are trying to satisfy needs that are not real. They do not separate the needs of the body from the needs of the mind. Allowing a mind to run amuck is like having a computer that outthinks the user and takes control of the user. I want to teach people, especially non-readers what has taken me 20+ years to learn. Hopefully, I will plant the seed to start their new journey.

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